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This blog is an archive. I am posting here now.


12:36 PM- 8/3/2007

Halloween Photos 2006

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4:56 PM- 11/7/2006


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I saw this owl last year in The Crow 1994's collection. I found it this year for a good price. It's much better than the all black one I had.

10:33 AM- 10/19/2006


Posted by ScareFX
I liked this foot long rat so I added it to the collection.

10:32 AM- 10/19/2006

Breath of life

Posted by Deathtouch

Well, things a little bit better than before.  I moved into a house in St. Charles, Illinios and the landlord was kind enough to let me bring some groundbreakers and put them in his yard.  So Halloween won't be the same but at least it isn't a lost cause.  I have few picutres below.  So I am still fighting to stay alive.  I know I said in the last blog that it was my last but hopfully I can continue.


I had a gentleman from the local paper contact me about my haunt.  Of course this year is shot to hell, but maybe next year.  The wife had told me that she is hopfully that I will be coming home by next Halloween.  It all depends on us and if we can work things out.  I hope so.  So I guess I will cross my fingers for next Halloween then.



6:41 AM- 10/18/2006

Both New Coffins Together

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9:10 AM- 10/9/2006

Animated Creepy Coffin

Posted by ScareFX
This new prop was designed to look like this Creepy Coffin commercial prop. When I saw it online and in the stores, I liked the concept and the look. However the commercial version was static and made of Styrofoam. And it cost $99.

Instead of buying that prop I took the money and built this 6-foot animated version. It uses a wiper motor to open and close the hinged front. The outside chains and lock are plastic and foam but inside there are five pieces of real chain swinging and banging. A couple of ACC arms replaced the foam ones on the commercial version. It cost me less than $100 to make and will outlast the commercial version by many years.

Here's a picture.  A how-to project description will be posted next month. Here's 10-second video clip showing the motion.

9:03 AM- 10/9/2006

Corpse in a Coffin

Posted by ScareFX
I added a corpse to my $25 Toe-Pincher Coffin.  Here's a picture.

11:38 AM- 10/8/2006

Crazy Camo

Posted by ScareFX
I ordered some Ultra-lite Crazy Camo Nets from Barre Army Navy Store. I placed my order last Wednesday and it shipped the same day and arrived Saturday. They have a good price on high quality netting that meets anti-fire certifications. Good stuff.

11:28 AM- 10/8/2006

$25 Full-Size Toe-Pincher Coffin

Posted by ScareFX
This year I built a couple of full-size toe-pincher coffins to compliment the half-size coffin we built back in 2004. I posted a project description on the ScareFX.com site. Here's a picture of the coffin that will be the home for a new corpse I'm currently making.

10:30 AM- 10/4/2006

New from Spirit Halloween & Spencer's Gifts

Posted by ScareFX
Purchased a couple more latex props today. The demon came from Spirit and the spider from Spencer's. The demon will be in the graveyard and the spider will be on the porch. Both are nice sized props. I really liked the details on the demon and black widows are the creepiest spider to me. It will replace the tarantula on the giant web this year.

7:19 PM- 9/21/2006

ScareFX.com Gets a New Look

Posted by ScareFX
I've updated the design of the ScareFX.com web site. The content from the old site is still in place with the same page names so links and bookmarks will not be broken. I'll be adding new content continually over the next couple of months.

2:55 PM- 9/20/2006

Poseable Gargoyle

Posted by ScareFX
This little guy came today.

9:38 PM- 9/19/2006

The 2005 Grave Digger

Posted by ScareFX
The Crow 1994 asked about the details of the grave digger prop I made last year.
Here is what he looked like on Halloween night 2005.

The mask is a display copy (no cutouts for the eyes) called Gravedigger from Death  Studios. A wig head was used inside the mask (with some plastic grocery bags stuffed into the gaps. The wig head was placed over a 1/2" PVC "neck".

The hands are Star Wars Emperor Palpatine latex hands from BuyCostumes. Heavy wire was placed in the hands so they could be positioned on the shovel and lantern.

The frame is 1.5 inch PVC pipe and fittings with chicken wire to provide some "body". The frame is slipped over iron re-bar driven into the ground. The 1/2" PVC neck is inserted into a reducer fitting placed in the 4-way fitting. Here's a great calculator that can help with proportions.

The coveralls are from the local Tractor Supply Company.

4:19 PM- 9/14/2006

Did the Rounds at the Stores Today

Posted by ScareFX
I'm off on Thursdays and it's raining so I thought I'd check out the merchandise at the stores today. The Spirit store is not open yet and I've already gotten the things I wanted from Big Lots this year. So I went to Party City, Halloween Express, Spencer's Gifts, and Target.

I saw a nice Black Widow spider at Spencer's. I think I might add that one to my spider collection. They also have the Scary Demon with Cross which is definitely on my list to add to the graveyard.

Halloween Express has tons of costumes and quite a few props. I saw a couple of spiders and a giant roach that looked pretty good. They had a couple of latex vultures that looked better than the one in Spencer's.

I picked up a couple of the large poly-resin gargoyles and a poly-resin cross from Target today. Last year I waited too long to the get the bigger ones and had to settle for the smaller canine gargoyles. Those poly-resin props are nicely detailed for the money.

My giant toad arrived from the Toy Lounge today. I like him.

1:18 PM- 9/14/2006

Last blog entry

Posted by Deathtouch
It looks like this will be my last entry at blogcrypt.  The wife and I have decided to get a divorce after 5 years.  That means no more Halloween prop making for me.  I will miss writing in my blog; it was something I truly loved to do.  I will miss my dogs and the fun times I had. Thank you everyone for all the kind comments over the years.  I will treasure it always.  My props were left back at ex-wife’s house.  Maybe she will get into Halloween without me. LOL.

10:34 PM- 9/13/2006

TV Show confirmed

Posted by Deathtouch
I got an email back from the rep from HGTV and it looks legit.  I also contacted WormyT, who has done this sort of thing before and showed her the letter.  She tells me this is the same way she was contacted and that it is legit.  So in the next email that the rep from HGTV sent me, she needed some information about my house, me, and my haunt.  I wasn't to sure about the sq. feet of the house, so I put on N/A on that.  My wife who has lived in this house all her life even doesn't know the sq feet.  So I sent her a recent picture of me,which was taken by WormyT by the way.  Also a picture of the witch that I am making for this year.  There is a chance that I might not get on the program, but also a chance that I might.  Gotta cross those fingers.  I took the day off to clean up the house a little.  Just in case I get picked.  If I don't get picked, there is always next year or the Christmas program.  LOL.  I have a lot of people cheering me on at hauntforum.com so I hope I don't let them down.

1:33 PM- 9/12/2006

DT on TV

Posted by Deathtouch

I have bit of some news today.  I don’t know how legit this is, but I got an email from a lady representing HGTV that wanted to come to my home and film my haunt this year.  Like I said, I am not sure if this isn’t just spam but I thought I would reply.  You just never know now a days if people are pulling pranks.  She goes on saying that HGTV is producing a new show this year called "What's With That Really Haunted Halloween House?" with host George Grey.  It is a spin off “What’s With That House?”  So, I thought I would contact her and see what is up.  I will keep you informed if anything plausible happens.  It might be kind of cool if it is.




George Grey

11:30 AM- 9/8/2006

Witch is getting there

Posted by Deathtouch

Since I had time this weekend to work on the witch, I drape the cloth on her, just to see what it might look like.  Also messed with the motors to see if there would be any problems.  Of course the hood doesn't want to stay on.  I might have to do something different like attach it to the head in some way or form.  The face is still under work.  My wife still has to fix the face and then she will apply latex.  I need to do something different to her cloths, but what?  Maybe muck it up a bit.  So, here is a picture of the witch as of last weekend.  I can't wait to put this out.  I have already had people driving by with big smiles on their faces.  So, I think the witch is starting to shape up a bit.  As you can see, I took this picture after a rain storm, so the witch looks like a wet puppy.  I had her hair dropped over her face.  Now it is just stuck to her face. LOL.




6:37 AM- 9/6/2006


Posted by Headless Horseman

As of yesterday I actually got started on this years Halloween projects!!  I know, I know too little too late probaly but I feel good about it...lol!


We went to got the wood we needed to get our new castle walls built, and built 5 out of the 9 we need already!  Not a cool new prop or anything like that but it's a start and that's all that matters at this point!  We got the fabric to do up our wolves too, doing the animated reindeer conversion to a sitting howling wolf, should look pretty cool when done.  Then I have to get moving on the pirate ship, UFO and dragon...Only a month to go I can do it.....



.....I hope.

7:56 AM- 9/5/2006

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